We are a family of 5 humans & 1 canine. The Lang Family was officially established in 1998 when Mommy (Angela) met Daddy (Josh). We welcomed our first child, a daughter we named Caroline, in 2001. Two years later came our second little lady, Carmen. Benjamin, our son, blessed our lives in 2006. Jack is our furry family member.
Our family unit is now complete and on that phase of life where we begin to grow together, learn each other's flaws & perfections, make mistakes, build a home, create wonderful memories (and some not so wonderful memories) and make those critical decisions that will ultimately decide the course of the family's future (yeah, no pressure or anything).
This blog is a documentation of sorts from this point in time & on; the good, the bad, the pretty & the inevitable ugly.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

give a kid a blanket...

and they're occupied for hours!  Speaking as a sick mommy today, I am especially thankful for all the things that can be done with a few blankets & our dining room chairs! These things included, but were not limited to, a blanket RV, a blanket minivan, a blanket zoo & a blanket trampoline (for their stuffed animals, NOT them! I'm sick, not crazy!). Some of my favorite parenting moments include silent observation. Josh & I are very interactive parents and are involved in everything that we can when it comes to the kids. BUT... sometimes, it's just as rewarding to sit back and watch them play amongst themselves. Carmen & Ben are best friends and that is not an exaggeration. They thrive off each other and miss each other tremendously if separated longer than a few hours. They have a bond that I am sure exists between other brothers & sisters in the world, but none that I have witnessed. One of the best things about their friendship... they PLAY. And we all know how rare that is nowadays. Separately, they're bored & dependent on electronics or TV, but put them together and it's imagination magic!

That's all for tonight since I just downed some NyQuil and starting to feel the effects ;)

P.S. I can't have a post about my babies and forget pictures! I didn't have enough energy to take new ones today so I'll end this message with some of my favorites of the besties :)


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